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BombcherryJuice was created to facilitate adults to gain knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual behavior, thus preventing them from getting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and HPV, or unwanted pregnancies.  I also wanted to help them to past this knowledge on to their children and community.


  • Sexual Health
  • Sexual Anatomy
  • Sexual Reproduction
  • Abstinence
  • Birth Control
  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Human Sexual Behavior
  • Emotional Relations
  • & Much Much More

About BombCherry

Bombcherry The Sexual Goddess

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I am not someone who have read a few books and decided to regurgitate the information. I have lived my life through experimentation. As I ventured on my quest to learn about myself, I have discovered different ways of viewing myself, others and the world in which we reside. 

I am willing to share my experiences of how I was raised, my views of the world prior to becoming an adult and the experiences which led me to where I am today spirituality. 

I’ve heard people question my spirituality because of my willingness to take erotic photos or because I speak so openly about sex and sexuality. My rebuttal is, my spirituality is the very reason why I am so free to be completely free.

3 Things I Believe

  1. The desire to self-improve belongs to EVERY body. (We are never too old, too heavy, or too “broken” to create a life that brings us joy from the inside out.)
  2. Each One, Teach One.  I believe that we can educate one another to better our community for the sake of our children and grand children’s future.
  3. The only way to create LONG LASTING change in your life is to be driven by self-love. Nothing else will work. You may find a short-term “fix” but digging deep and walking through your own hard sh*t will be the only way to truly change your life.
  • Phone Sex Operator
  • Cam Model
  • Adult Party Hostess
  • Dominatrix 
  • Mistress
  • Website Model
  • Author of Erotica

While being a 

  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Community Organizer
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