Coen Naninck

Ladies meet Coen Naninck. He is a YouTuber who promotes self-love, self help and the positives of loving black women. He tries to bridge the communication gap that exist between different races of people. Both verbal and non-verbal communication.

If you ladies need to hear how beautiful you are from a person of another race, here is your opportunity. We shouldn’t need validation about our beauty from anyone outside of our individual selves. But with all the contradictions that exists in the media through advertising and television, it’s understandable. This is why it is important that we educate our children and grandchildren about their beauty and self worth before any outside influences creep into their subconscious.

Black Sensuality Loved By White Men

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Note From BombcherryJuice

I promote Black love & Black family progression through education. I am a firm believer that where ever you find respect, love and safety and you feel a desire to return these things back in kind, you should. Love does not come in a particular package. In fact, we may find ourselves negotiating love on many different levels. Meaning you may run into the perfect mate (someone you can walk safely through life with) who may not be a certain height, weight, skin tone, sex or race. Although this site was created to promote people of color, it’s not a site meant to degrade others. I do not judge people on their skin color but rather the content of their character. When I stumble across someone who has flawed character, I will reach out to educate. Only through knowledge can we change the race issues for the better.

Long story shortened: Love Yourself so you can recognize love when you witness it. By the Way, I love you!