Exploring Voyeurism

Exploring Voyeurism

Creating My First Porno

Voyeurism is a desire to watch other people doing things, usually sexual things. It’s a thrill, and it gives the person doing the watching a jolt of excitement. I’ve been exploring voyeurism since 1999 which is the first time I turned on my webcam. I scheduled a webcam show in my Yahoo Club which is now known as Yahoo Groups which has over 50,000 members at that time. My husband purchased me a Logitech Webcam a few weeks earlier as a Christmas gift. I decided to use it for the first time on New Years Eve in order to celebrate the holiday with my club members. I used Yahoo Messenger to broadcast the show. I was shocked when my broadcast had over 100 people viewing me all at once. But I think Yahoo were  more shocked when my broadcast caused their servers to crash. I am the very first “webcam model” to exist and my broadcast changed the direction of Voyeurism and the World Wide Web.

Movies & Beyond

Alfred Hitchcock,  the renowned “master of suspense” and English film director and producer of many movies including the “Rear Window.” Rear Window (1954) is a film that not only understands the voyeuristic nature of film as a medium, but makes the viewer participate in Jeff’s (James Stewart) voyeuristic behavior as he spends the entire film watching the actions of his neighbors. The captivating nature of film as an art form stems from the natural human pleasure of watching something unfold upon others, without that someone having an awareness of our presence. He’s a photographer, someone who is naturally inclined to observe others. Stuck in his apartment all day as an invalid, he has little else to occupy his time and mind.

Hitchcock praises the curious nature of human voyeurism. It’s a running theme in many of his films, but the central one of Rear Window. Though voyeurism will always carry as social taboo overall, when there’s something interesting to be seen, people tend to cast aside their reservations. Although we often deny many of our human instincts, they help us to survive.  Hitchcock knows we as a species like to watch others, but he’s also aware that despite our voyeuristic tendencies, we can frequently go through life with a disregard for those around us. There’s a loneliness in communities that he examines through the main character, Jeff’s eyes. Hitchcock takes the voyeuristic approach to cue us into the realities of the world around us – realities we may not take the time to observe on our own.

From Television To

The idea of being a social media voyeur — watching the lives of others to the point of obsession — is so ingrained in our culture that there are shows based around the concept: Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Black Ink Crew, just to name a few of my favorites. These days, the mundane lives of others are spread out across the internet for our easy consumption — though, of course, they’re often carefully curated to hide flaws. It’s no secret that people love to snoop on social media, but the reason why may be more biological than technological.

Although millions of people use social media every day, all we seem to do is complain about it. On any given day, a scroll through my news feed turns up at least one declaration that someone is quitting Facebook or YouTube forever, so their true friends will follow them on Instagram or Twitter?

Whether we are watching/following other people social media because they are family members. have a common hobby or interests, or whether you enjoy watching your favorite musicians/celebrities or most hated musicians/celebrities, it’s a type of voyeurism.  I personally am an exhibitionist by nature, as many people are. I’m only different because  can admit it. I, personally, do not care about the personal lives of celebrities, but I do enjoy watching a great movie and story play out in many different forms.

Voyeurism In History

Exhibitionism is defined as the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one’s body that are not normally exposed. For example, the breastsgenitals or buttocks isn’t exposed for everyone to view in public spaces normally in the United States culture. The practice may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or sexual satisfaction or to shock the bystander.  This definition doesn’t reflect the changing social media culture.

Historical Perspectives

During the Renaissance Era, Renaissance artists desired to recapture the beauty of the classical art of ancient Rome. Among the ancient works of art that were being uncovered in the 14th-century were marble statues of nude Venuses. At first, the people fell in love with these images and artists wanted to recreate such beauty. But they were afraid that these image were lustful and un-Christian. Or what is worse, they feared that their love of these statuses indicated that they were becoming idolaters.

In the 15th-century, the Renaissance philosopher Ficino came to the rescue with his translation of and commentary on Plato’s Symposium. This was a best-seller among the noble and wealthy class, who were the patrons of art. In this book, he explained that there were two Venuses: the worldly, clothed Venus, who represented sexuality, and the pure unadorned celestial Venus who represented the highest aspirations of spirituality.

Shortly after that, Botticelli was commissioned to paint two paintings, The Primavera, in which the clothed Venus presides over the fertility of the earth. And the Birth of Venus, in which the celestial Venus, is presented as a beautiful nude. Artists and patrons were convinced that the nude was now sanctified and the nude became a accepted subject for artists to paint. Artists felt that the nude captured the pure beauty of the classical world. This was the highest ideal of the Renaissance and the reason that this period was called the Renaissance (the rebirth).

Nude Art Throughout History

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I would also note that many nude paintings functioned as the pornography of their time.

These trends were driven by collectors and dealers, in much the same way trends are driven today. It is likely that many more nudes, as well as many waves of non-nude paintings that were made in response to the floods of nudes, were made but did not survive the passage of the intervening time.

The Renaissance was a harken back to the classical days of Greece and Rome and also the rise of Humanism. The nude was God’s perfect creation and there was no shame in portraying it as such.

Renaissance means rebirth. Specifically a rebirth of learning, science, medicine, art, etc. The Renaissance era was just that. People were studying Greek and Latin, and reading the works of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Homer, and others. If they could afford it, they wanted art that illustrated the classics and showed to all their business associates they were educated affluent people. And, since the body was a subject of interest in ancient times, it would also be of interest during the Renaissance. Then too there was competition between the rich families. If the Medici’s had a painting or sculpture of a nude classical figures, the rivals wanted to one up them. This in turn set created competition between the artists to become known as the best, enabling them to make a lot of money and live very well. Not much has changed.

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(1950's - 2000's)

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Playboy is an American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine. It was founded in Chicago in 1953, by Hugh Hefner and his associates.  Notable for its centerfolds of nude and semi-nude models (Playmates), Playboy played an important role in the sexual revolution. The “first sexual revolution”  was to displace the norms of sexuality in Ancient Rome with those of Christianity as it was adopted throughout the Roman Empire.  Roman religion promoted sexuality as an aspect of prosperity for the state, and individuals might turn to private religious practice or “magic” for improving their erotic lives or reproductive health. Prostitution was legal, public, and widespread. “Pornographic” paintings were featured among the art collections in respectable upper class households.

Voyeurism Today

Voyeurism was initially believed to only be present in a small portion of the population. This perception changed when Alfred Kinsey discovered that 30% of men prefer coitus with the lights on. An earlier study indicates that 54% of men have voyeuristic fantasies, and that 42% have tried voyeurism.

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The digital revolution has undeniably changed the ways we work, socialize, date, and get laid. It’s a big, beautiful, brave new world of preferences out there. Technology has impacted our lives for the better — and worse.

Throughout history, so many forms of consensual pleasure have been pathologized, from kink to queer sex. Creating/Searching for communities based on your likes is easier than ever. Social media has made it easier than ever for folks to finally link up with like minded individuals. Are you interested in BDSM? Want to watch someone who is trying pegging? Prefer to watch a person masturbate instead of flipping through a porn magazine? Sign onto various Social media accounts that focus on the topics you are interested in.

We Love Watching

History / Current

Many people enjoy romanticizing a time in which they have not visited or researched. This is why there are a lot of false information shared and believed by others. The oldest surviving generation at the time, love to portray their generation as the best generation to live, by placing the declining of civilization on the youngest living generation. Especially as it pertains to the arts, which includes the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

I can post the photos below on any social media site without any consequences because they are viewed as art in most cases.  What or who defines what is porn versus art? Art is defined as the process of using one’s skills in creating and sharing objects, experiences, and conditions which stimulates the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of the audience through their senses. The subjects of art can be diverse. They may be of nature, man, geometric patterns, animals, religion, or man’s day-to-day life. One very controversial subject in art is nudity. The human body has been one of the main subjects for artists. In ancient times, especially in Greek art, the nude male human body was the most common subject. Today, one of the first subjects that artists paint is the nude female body.

Nudity has been a favorite subject in paintings, sculptures, and photography. The practice started with the depictions of gods and goddesses in ancient paintings. Since they were deities, they wore none or little clothes, and it was but natural to paint them as such. Today, however, there is a question of when nudity is considered art or can be considered as pornography. Pornography is the depiction of the human body for the purpose of erotic and sexual arousal. It can be found in the different types of media: magazines, books, photographs, animation, films, recordings, videos, drawings, sculptures, and paintings.

They were, however, made and seen as works of art by those who created them. It is only in recent times that the thin line between nudity in art and pornography has been drawn even closer.

The difference lies in each individual’s perception and interpretation of the subject. It is important to note that nudity in art is intended to let people appreciate the beauty of the human body.

Pornography, on the other hand, is intended to arouse the sexual feelings of individuals and the audience. Models pose in such a way that their expressions convey sexuality and eroticism.

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The Dark Side

Peeping tom (voyeurism) is listed as an disorder that involves achieving sexual arousal by observing an unsuspecting and non-consenting person who is undressing or unclothed, and/or engaged in sexual activity.  The voyeur/peeper does not seek sexual contact with the person he/she is observing.  The original “peeping Tom” was a legendary resident of the town Coventry where Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets to demonstrate against heavy taxes on the town. According to the story, Tom defied official orders by looking out his window as she went by and was struck blind (killed in some stories).

Non-consensual voyeurism is considered to be a form of sexual abuse. When the interest in a particular subject is obsessive, the behavior may be described as stalking. Being a peeping tom is treated as a crime based on sexual deviancy, according to state laws, which vary by state. The victim of a peeping Tom can bring a lawsuit for invasion of privacy.

Peek In My Bedroom

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Although my first web cam broadcast went live in 1999, I had been creating pornographic material since my early teens. I have been writing erotica as a way of releasing my freaky imagination. I wasn’t having sex physically but through my imagination and writings I was a very open and experimental “slut“. I was doing things sexually in my teens that I have never done in reality still today.

Every year my parents would purchase me a diary for my birthday or as a Christmas gift. I wrote my stories in my diaries since age thirteen (13). Imagine my mothers surprise when she decided to read one of my diary entries. My stories is what made me very popular on the internet. No one knew what I looked like in my AOL days but my following was huge. I started writing stories that required the readers to request the rest of the story. This was before anyone was able to see the number of view or the number of likes and dislikes. AOL realized that I had more thousands of people reading my content that they gave me full control of the Erotica Board and offered me compensation. No one knew what I looked like until Nude Africa sent me a link to an area that allowed me to post photos. In my stories I could be whomever I wanted. I could be thin, tall, short, dark, light, a male or a female.

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