Freaky Friday I


Pissy Jack Birth Time

3 hours 3 min mark is when you will hear Jack starting to tell us how he offers women to pee on him. At 3:09:00 Jack offers to pay more money for the beautiful Doctor to pee on him. 3 hours 28 min is when he mentioned coming to my area so my husband and I can piss on him.

Who is Pissy Jack

Bomb Does Not Take Responsibility For Any Deaths Due To Jack Spade Boring Content. Listen At Your Own Risk

Jack Spade who started a channel called “The Spade Table” is an 55 year old MGTOW follower. He has failed at being a father to his son because his son wanted to live his life instead of following a group of men to a trailer park somewhere far away from women. Jack is a failed husband to a woman who divorced him because she wouldn’t submit to someone who was shorter than her and he is a failed 1st dater because a woman put his life in danger by stopping at a ATM machine to obtain funds that she felt she needed. He is a failed content creator because he is reading his content dirctly from another source in a very boring matter. If you are interested in falling asleep check out Jack Spade here.

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