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Sensuality is, in essence, how in tune you are with your senses. Do you notice smells, textures, sounds? How sensual you are plays a key role not only in your sex life but in your overall ability to derive pleasure from life as a whole.


Eroticism is a quality that causes sexual feelings as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love. That quality may be found in any form of artwork, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature.


Sexuality is about our sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviors towards other people. We can find other people physically, sexually or emotionally attractive, and all those things are a part of our sexuality.


Love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. This word although used very often is the most misunderstood terms used. Welcome to Bombcherry's Juice where you will learn to discover Yourself!

Bombs' Livestreams

Bombcherry group conversations with her YouTube Family (The Viper Pit) and friends and visitors. Conversations covers current events, YouTube drama and much much more. If you enjoy laughing, you don't want to miss this.

Creole & Cajun Living

Bombcherrys Creole & Cajun culture/lifestyle being shared. Cooking, Cleaning, Parenting Advice, and Husband/Wife Relationship Advice including my Freaky Fridays chats. No holds barred conversations has caused me to lose YouTube Channels.

Embracing My Sexuality Through Music & Movement

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