Sexual Orientations, Know Yours?

Gone are the days when things were as simple as being gay or straight. Over the years, new sexual orientations have been discovered that help people discover who they really are based on what sexually attracts them. So believe us when we say, there are at least 15 of them and you probably will learn a thing or two about your own sexual orientation once you read more about them. Ready to find out? Read on to learn more.


This is perhaps the most common as well as most accepted sexual orientation as it is considered to be normal, as nature intended in many cultures. This is when people are attracted to someone of the opposite sex. Most people in the world are heterosexuals or straight as they are sexually attracted to the opposite gender, i.e. men to women and vice versa.


A homosexual person is one who is attracted to another person of the same sex as them. When a guy likes another guy, they are homosexuals or gay and when a woman likes a woman, she is a lesbian. However, collectively, they fall under the homosexual category. People are finally accepting the fact that homosexuality is normal and there are enough people in the world who have this sexual orientation.


When a person identifies that they are bisexual, it means, they are attracted to both the genders i.e. male as well as female. They can be of either gender and are sexually attracted to both. They can have a physical relationship with both men and women, sometimes, both simultaneously as well. Obviously, they are not attracted to every other person, it just means, they have both options open.

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A person with this sexual orientation is someone who is attracted to anyone without any bias for gender or sexual orientation. They are an extension of being bisexual but a little more than that as they are attracted to people even with no gender identity. They are often called omnisexual also and consider themselves to be gender-blind when it comes to sexual attraction.


Think humans aren’t asexual? Well, you are wrong as there is a small percentage of people who are not sexually attracted to any gender and therefore identify themselves as asexual. This kind of sexual orientation isn’t very common but there have been some prominent names who were asexual including physicist Isaac Newton.

3 subdivisions:

– Sex repulsed asexual (Apothisexual)

– Sex neutral asexual (Apathasexual)

– Cupiosexual: someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction but still desires a sexual relationship


This is the kind of person who forms a romantic relationship or is attracted to someone only after they have formed an emotional bond with them. They are first emotionally attached to someone before being attracted to them. Such people are demisexual in nature and they often form long-lasting relationships or are at least looking for one right from the beginning.


This is when a person is sexually aroused with someone’s intelligence can identify themselves as sapiosexual. They can be of any gender and the person they are attracted to can be of either gender too because they are primarily attracted to their intelligence and not their gender. However, such people will have a broader sexual orientation as well apart from being sapiosexual.


These are people who are more than bisexual but less than pansexual. They are somewhere in-between as they can be attracted to a lot of genders but not all. A polysexual person is attracted to many genders that include transgenders, genderqueer people, third gender people, intersex people and more but they aren’t gender-blind like a pansexual person.


Now this is for those people who are not always sexually attracted. They have a low sex drive and they seldom get aroused. However, graysexual people are not asexual and they may get sexually attracted to someone at some point. However, the chances are low and they are normally not sexually attracted to other genders.


These are people who are attracted to both male and female genders provided these people posses both feminine and masculine features i.e. they are androgynous. The attraction mostly depends on the appearance of the person as they need to look both male and female for them to appear attractive to an androgynsexual person.


This on the other hand are people who are attracted to males who are really masculine. Sometimes, the attraction is also for females who have manly features.


A gynosexual person is attracted to females who are extremely feminine. And at times, the attraction could be towards people who are males but with feminine features.


This is for those who do not identify themselves with any of the conventional labels of sexuality there are. They do not want their sexual orientation to be identified by any label given by the society and are therefore pomosexual. The word was formed by adding the prefix pomo- (shorthand for postmodern) to the adjective -sexual


A person who calls themselves a skoliosexual is someone who is attracted to non-binary identified people or those who do not call themselves a cisgender. A cisgender is someone who is not a transgender which is basically most of the population.


This one certainly takes the cake and is someone who is not sexually satisfied by any particular gender per se, because an autosexual person is sexually attracted to oneself. yeah, that’s right, they find themselves so sexually attractive that no one else can satisfy them completely.