Soncerae Celibacy Claims

Meet Soncerae Smith a black woman who has been sharing her life experience on the internet (from a mental health patient  who isn’t taking their meds point of view) since 2008. She has been a minister, computer engineer, relationship counselor, graphic designer, singer/rapper, Model, Madame, Therapists, and a millionair at some point or another throughout her imaginary life.

In 2016 she announced that she had gotten engagd and married to a man she refers to as “Priest”. After a short period of time the liar, (opps I mean Soncerae) ended up getting exposed as the liar she is. Soncerae claimed to have married an Married man. Thats right, Priest was married to another woman who was not Soncerae. Read a portion of her current feelings of a situation she put herself in.

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Soncerae is always claiming to have been in long term relationships with thes men photoed above while having abortions or miscarriages for one or more of them in a 10 year span. While at th same time she claims to also practice celibacy. I’m sure Soncerae does not understand what celibacy means. She does not understand that their is a difference between celibacy and abstinence. Being between relationships an not having sex does not equate celibacy!

Celibacy is generally recognized as a voluntary choice to remain unmarried or engage in any form of sexual activity, usually in order to fulfill a religious vow.

Abstinence — also called continence — refers to the often temporary strict avoidance of all forms of sexual activity for any reason.

Even if celibacy was the word she was attempting to identify as, when did Soncerae ever take a penis out of her vagina long enough to claim to be celibate?

Just listening to the videos she is always taking about her freeform sexuality, polyamory and all the abortions and miscarriages she partook in through the years. Whom in their right mind would take any advice from this woman? Listen to the conversation she has with her daughter. She speaks openly about her sex life and the sexual partners  with her 17 year old daughter. What a piss poor mother!!! And she’s surprised someone called Child Protctive Service o her?

If you listen to both her daughter and Soncerae you will notice that her daughter has more common sense than her 40 year old mother.

Soncerae's Sexual Timeline

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April 2019 Sexual Timeline

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Celibate When?

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July 2010

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Now Accusing Men Of Beating Her

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Her Pussy Smells Like Garbage!!

(Forward to 11:00 mins)

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