Meet Soncerae Smith

Internet Scammer, Liar & Doxxer

Dec 28, 2018 Scam

Soncerae’s Baby Daddy & His Wife Exposes The Truth About Soncerae

Priest & Sonya Interview

He met you on Plenty Of Fish!

Soncerae January 11, 2019 Interview

Within the first 5 mins. of this interview we learned a few new things about Soncerae Smith. Soncerae Smith becomes much more interesting as she shares her lies, opps I meant, as she shares her life.

Newly Added Careers

Social Media Socialite




Signed to various Record labels  

Bomb Interviewa Soncerae Part 1

Part II: Bomb Interviews Lying Rae

Are You A Christian?

Part III: Bomb Interview Lying Rae

Soncerae Admits To Getting Pregnant For Views

Part IV: Bomb Interviews Soncerae

Soncerae Explains Her Family Dynamics

Molestation Allegations

Soncerae Claiming to be Engaged To Priest

For those of you who aren’t up to date on this scam artist, she had announced to everyone that they had gotten legally married. Until one day Priests’ wife popped in Sonceraes live chat and exposed the truth.

Soncerae Lies

Worked for NASA

Is a Computer Engineer

Has 4 streams of Income

Is a relationship Counselor 

Is a Buddist

Owned a Non-Profit Organization

She’s Polygamous 

Is an successful Entrepreneur 

Claimed to have never been a Single Mother

Married Priest in Oct 2017

Couldn’t get pregnant

Was a Madame 

Was featured in several Urban Magazines

Was Celibate while having Abortions & Miscarriages

Is a Television Personality

Is an Author of a book 

Claimed to have never Doxxed anyone

Soncerae Swinging Photos & Videos

Did She See Her Future

Or Was This A Plan She Put in Motion?

Listen Closely To This Video

Mistress who isn’t Marriage Material?

Soncerae Placed Herself on Bed Rest & Won’t Allow a Doctor To Touch Her

Soncerae Speaks On Body Smells

:58 Vagina Chat W/Priest

Sonceras Mother Taught Her To Be A sCum Bucket Live Stream

Soncerae Abortion Stories Helps Others?

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