Spice Up The Bedroom For Your Man

For any woman reading this article you probably have picked up a few magazines in your lifetime to gain some knowledge about sex, looking for secret moves to spice up your sex life. I’m going to share with you five (5) of the top things that men love in bed. This information is based on listening to good friends, party attendees, past lovers, my husband of 30 years and what doctors have shared with me through the years.

 It’s scary trying something new with a guy and not know how they are going to react.  With these tips you’ll be ahead of the game. You’ll come off hot, sexy, and confident. It’s time to take control of your pleasure, if only for a night.   Sometimes the unexpected is a huge turn on. 

1. Make The First Move

It’s probably normal for your guy to ask for or initiate something in bed. Why not shake things up? Every so often why don’t you make the first move? He’ll love the unexpectedness of this, especially if you’ve never done it before. Lean over and kiss him a little harder than usual, let your hang linger on his thigh, or do anything so he knows where you’re going with your hints.

2. Surprise Him

When he comes home from a long day at work, surprise him by waiting in bed for him. Better yet, send him a text letting him know that you need his assistance in the bedroom once he gets home. 

3. Strip Tease

Don’t just do the normal get into bed, kiss, undress, blah blah blah – try something new. Sit your boyfriend down and do a little strip tease. This will get him all hot and bothered and he’ll feel the anticipation growing inside of him. To do this correctly, you can’t let him touch you. Don’t let him know what you’re going to do before you do it. It’s more fun if it’s a surprise! 

4. Touch Yourself

This is a like watching a movie in bed for many men. It’s really good to get know yourself and your body. Letting him watch not only turns him on but it becomes an educational session. Men are extremely turned on by the fact that you are able to pleasure yourself all on your own. A lot of guys relate you touching yourself to porn, because that is what has turned them on so many times in their life. You just made a guys digital fantasy become a reality! 

5. Talk Dirty To Him

I have come to find the weirder you feel about talking dirty in bed, the better it is. It’s one of those things that just seems a bit off, but a guy loves it. Tell him what you like, compliment him, and shout the dirtiest thoughts you can think of. Don’t be afraid to just let yourself go, because when it comes to dirty talk you can’t hold yourself back. It’s a chance to release your inner sex goddess, and when a guy sees that he is instantly turned on.

5. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

This move is something that is based on your comfort level. We think men have the magic hands, but ladies we have some power in our fingers ourselves. There are several lusty spots on a man that when touched and teased take his pleasure to a new degree.

A guy’s prostate is his G-Spot. Rest two fingers between the testicles and anus and lightly put pressure. This is a move that will make him explode, literally!

6. Provide The Desert

Whip cream anyone? Girls, we’ve all seen those sexy movie moments where there’s chocolate syrup, ice cream, and even sushi involved in sex. A lot of time we think to ourselves how messy it is or probably not going to go as smooth as it looks.

Whip cream is your best bet. Guys want something light, yummy, and playful. Most guys won’t admit to wanting to bring food into the bedroom, but a lot of them have a secret whip cream fantasy. Show up with a can and go crazy on each other’s bodies! This is a move in bed men love that will make you unforgettable.



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